Editor and Co-Owner of 7Bit, Adam really doesn't talk about himself very well. If you want to know more about him, follow him on twitter ( @baconchin ) or drop him an email. Apart from that he loves playing video games when he is not listening to music, making websites, eating, sleeping, pretending to DJ, giving cheques to charity, running, pretending to run, jogging, going to the gym, disregarding commonsense. Most likely to find him fist pumping to songs at the side of a gig.

Alice Jebs

A music student from Belfast trying to stay alive while studying in London. I promote shows across the city under the name Jebs (which has seemingly replaced my real surname now.) I spend most of my time using public transport, wiping crumbs off my bed and crying at paypal receipts. I'm not as scary as my accent makes me sound.

Andy Roberts

Andy hails from a small village that is twinned with Deliverance. Since there is sweet eff-all to do there, he grew up listening to music whilst playing Nintendo and as a result has learnt the difference between good and bad music. Having just finished his Masters in Physics he is now on the hunt for a big-boy job but don't worry, music is still very much a priority in his life. Andy prefers Gigs over Clubs, Whiskey over Wine and Christina Hendricks over any woman ever made, ever.


Antony is a university student tucked away in Hertfordshire, near enough to London to enjoy the ever-active live music scene while plowing through just enough cans of Monster to get by. Battling courses of history, journalism and media, he still manages to pursue his true love: music. Since joining the team back in April he's covered countless festivals, gigs and albums, and plans to cover countless amounts more in future. And own a pair of Bootsy Collins' sunglasses. Eventually.


I'm a keen gig / club / festival goer based in the people's republic of Yorkshire, specifically Leeds. I'm a company pension scheme administrator from 9-5 (yes kids you too can achieve these lofty heights with a degree). As well as enjoying a wide range of bands and dj's i'm a big NFL & Leeds Utd fan, and i love a good pint of ale. Recently my tastes have leaned more towards the electronic end of the musical spectrum however i grew up on a diet of guitar and pop music, like everyone! Everyone calls me Bash.


Ben has been listening to music before he can remember and will probably be listening to it until he has no longer able to. Usually espousing why Bloc Party are really great, he has a love of nearly anything that makes noises and sounds. He is usually found slumped in front of a TV, watching Fringe or playing FIFA.


I like music a little bit. I write software at Essex County Council. I'm fairly into my long distance running. I take a lot of photos. I play various instruments and engineer recordings every once in a while. All time favourite bands are Cardiacs, Biffy Clyro, Meet Me In St louis, Reuben and Oceansize.

David Gould

Concerning genres, I grew up with rock/metal (like I think most of your writers have) but I am a great jazz fan and will willingly fill that niche if you wanted. I'll listen to anything a little avant-garde or left-field, so I'll gladly take all the "weird" stuff. Also, I listen to a fair bit of classical, so if you wanted I could do something in that regard.

Debbie Timmins

Debbie likes sunshine, beer and video games. You can find her over at The Average Gamer or on Twitter as @weefz.


You can typically find Harry listening to music or watching a film, though he does also enjoy playing videogames, talking to himself, singing in the shower, eating bagels, or justifying his love of Nicolas Cage to non-believers. Harry enjoys a spot of multitasking and 'second screening', long walks to the nearest supermarket's reduced section, and watching old episodes of Screenwipe on YouTube.


East London based, dive bar inhabiting student. When I'm not tearing my hair out over critical theory and Freud in my English degree, I'll be seeking out the best new music I can set my ears on. I have a taste for anything from deep house and hip-hop to grunge, indie and pop. It's what's good that counts.


Journalism student by day, asleep by night, Jake's the guy in charge of the news. Although he has a varied music taste and isn't afraid to try something new, he has an unhealthy obsession with the Red Hot Chili Peppers. If he's not listening to them, you'll probably find him trying to convince somebody that they're still relevant.


Hello there, I'm James Hibberd, a 19 year old lifelong music and Southampton FC fan, currently studying Multimedia Journalism at Bournemouth University. Brought up surrounded by Oasis, Pulp and the soundtracks to countless FIFA games, I passed through my brief emo phase relatively unscathed, and can now be found listening to literally almost anything, even those noises from the rainforest CDs. When I'm not doing that, I enjoy stand-up comedians, heavy drinking, pub quiz machines and shouting obscenities at my Xbox 360. My lifelong ambition is to kiss Jesse Lacey on the face.

Jon Brady

Jon Brady is a Scottish writer dabbling in several forms of media without really knowing much about any of them, yet stretches intricate sentences over topics much like one would apply Botox to sagging skin - holding in place, tell-tale signs of botched handiwork creeping from the edges inward. He hopes you enjoy the articles he writes.


Im the girl with (almost) five colours in my hair named Katy, aged 26. 1 yr away from losing the glorious railcard privileges! Im based in Leeds and pretty much spend my musical life in the mecca that is Brudenell as well as Nation of Shopkeepers. My musical heroes include Jesse Lacey, Ryan Adams and Laura Marling. Im an emo gal at heart but have been known to pull shapes on the dancefloor to some awesome djs such as Boys Noize and Erol!

Kieran Roycroft

Far more prevalent for my witterings about games for other websites that we shall not name, what a lot of people don't know about me is that my professional background is far musical orientated. I'm a BA Music Industry graduate, former show promoter and player in lots of lovely noisy bands. Also a dab hand when it comes to using overly descriptive, complex words.. which is why i'm here! YAY!


Tea drinker, cat lover & 2nd year Journalist at London College of Communication. I live in the hippy digs of Shoreditch and can probably be found scouring the city streets in search of little grungy venues. Live music really is one of the best things on earth, so is how our favourite records can inspire and make us feel. One day I want a huge vinyl library in my house.


Has been into gaming since the SEGA Master System and longs for the day that SEGA return to the console war and claim their rightful crown! Competent doodler and avid follower of all things we call 'geeky'. Woop.


You can usually find Lindsay sandwiched between headphones trying to determine whether that band she used to like are still cool. But then again, she is the music editor so she can have that accolade. A keen gamer, Lindsay prefers the RPG style genre whilst her favourite tv shows are Dr Who and Stargate. She loves the Daniel Jackson.


Writer and Videographer from the middle of England. Scouting out places across the country with my camera is my game.


Natasha is a top notch artist for 7Bit. She is in the final year of her illiustration university degree, but behind a passion for drawing lies a passion for having god damn fun. You can usually find Tash, or 'Para' partying hard at many a rave.


Aspirations of being like Batman have lead me to be a PhD research scientist by day (not as glamorous as it sounds) and a gig-goer by night (equally as unglamorous). Rarely seen without some sort of music player on my person, my ears have adapted to become perfectly shaped for headphones-- that's evolution for you. Proud member of the 'Hipster Music Fetish Society' where everyone must have hats for all occasions.


Rock and metal enthusiast from South London! If it has guitars and I can headbang or mosh to it, then it's pretty likely I'll be a fan. I'm always on the look out for new and exciting metal bands to shout about, if that's you then contact us!


Student and vintage jumper enthusiast, you'll often see Rhian walking down cobbled streets mouthing the words to songs blasting through her mp3 player. As a lover of crazy dancing, indie, hip-hop, electronica, nature documentaries, coffee, radio and absolute nonsense she hopes to use all of these great loves in her future expeditions through life.

Rob Sandall

Rob Sandall has written for music publications of all flavours for something like eight years. He chooses to see it more as a blessing than a curse, unless he's sober, which is rare.

Sabrina Bigby

Sabrina can usually be found bopping along to music on the tube, laughing to herself or fighting the urge to shadow-box around her room to 80s tunes. She enjoys beards, Dennis Farina, Midnight Run, avant-garde films, Bruce Springsteen, Arsenal and dropping The Simpsons quotes into conversation whenever she can.


I like the 1980s, sunglasses, pondering, making new words out of Benedict Cumberbatch's name, cynicism, power ballads, Bruce Springsteen, saxophone solos, weird faces, writing Downton Abbey scripts in my head, TV shows about time travel, films with zombies, films with stop-motion animation, films with Tim Roth and not a lot else. I wish I was Christopher Walken.

Sarah Louise

I’ve just finished studying a BA (hons) course in Commercial music. My music taste is pretty wide, I’m currently fronting a Guns N’ Roses tribute act and I’m a tuba player, so I guess that could sum me up?! Other than music I love a good pint, zombie flicks and guilty TV pleasures. I’m really Sarah, but I’d like to be less common so use my middle name, Sarah-Louise.


he youngest in everything and sometimes unintentionally a stereotype, Sumin can be found alternating between pretending to have adapted to the Korean education system, telling people how to properly pronounce "Gangnam," making her life as difficult as possible, overdosing on caffeine, writing ill-advised stories, and tweeting. Oh, and offering whatever remains of her soul in exchange for the notes she didn't take because she was listening to her iPod in class. Again.


I'm a music fanatic & a huge supporter of local arts. I get lost in moments & do my best to live for a living. Favourite artists include Radiohead, Reuben, Aesop Rock & Of Montreal.