Podcast 5 – Based on Lies

February 23, 2010

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What is this, there is a new podcast out.

OMGWOWHI and welcome to another episode of the famous 7 Bit Arcade. In this board game special, we recruit the help of board game connoiseur Christopher Boakes who shares his wry view on how video game could be turned into fully fledged board games. We wonder how the moderator on xbox live gets away with banning people, Stevie rants again and among other things, this podcast see’s the return of Eden who ignites proceedings with his dry banter and almost chaos inducing comments. All the usual features are in the bag as is the now famous ramble time, which includes Australia, Motion Control, Banning, Milo, Wrestling, Mass Effect 2, and more.

To celebrate that we have passed 1000 subscribers to the podcast, we are giving away Heavy Rain on the PS3. To take part, join the Facebook group, or follow us on Twitter and wait for further instructions. ;P

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