This is the musical embodiment of the part of your brain that tells you to interpret an Andy Samberg sketch as gospel, laugh at the expense of others, or tattoo your drunk friend.

Take this video. I can’t look away. Shit, I laughed. I’m disgusting. You’re disgusting. We’re all horrible people, held back from unrelenting acts of crude impoliteness by only the thin veil of common courtesy.

Someone’s had the audacity to mash Nine Inch Nails with female car bonnet cleaner Carly ‘The Sting’ Rae Jepsen. I hope you’re happy with yourself, you beautiful hideous thing.

Press play below and indulge in our collective sickness, you dirty buggers. This isn’t actually half-bad. I hate myself. I willingly pressed play more than once. Ban this sick, glorious filth. Get out, all of you. Keep making more monstrous creations like this. Stop it.

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