Weekly Singles Round Up- 10th December

December 10, 2012

As we get closer to Christmas we still have lots of musical gifts to fill you up until the holidays.

Jacques Caramac & The Sweet Generation- It Takes all sorts
This band are described as a Franco- Scottish pop group who release their debut single ‘It Takes All Sorts’ on limited white and back striped vinyl. It is a quirky song that has an obsession with ‘Reptiles, reptiles’ . It is a chatty song with the vocals delivered in a story telling way as they converse over the rock of the guitar and the beat of the drums. It is a creation of the whimsical and chaotic mixed with the simple message of ‘It takes all sorts’.

Mull Historical Society- Christmas Is Here Again
Multi-instrumentalist Colin MacIntyre releases a Christmas song under his guise of Mull Historical Society which coincides with 2 live dates he is doing in London and Glasgow. It has all the hallmarks you would expect from a Christmas song. You have the toot of the brass bands, the jingle of the bells and the catchy chorus to get everyone coming together and singing along. Classic Christmas pop for the festive season.
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Arrows of Love- Conspiracy Podcast
Taken from the band’s debut album ‘Everything’s Fucked’ comes the bands next single ‘Conspiracy Podcast’ that is coming at you this December to blast your Christmas cheer. With a heavy filthy bass pulsating against the thrash of the guitars this song is all out indie rock ‘n’ roll. With vocals that command attention right from the off, there is a mixture of broadcast sounding vocals against the singing that creates a paranoid warning to the listener. This is crazy, dark rock to mess with your pleasant Christmas time.

Negative Pegasus- Unimmortal
Brightonians Negative Pegasus release their 3 track single ‘Unimmortal’ which will include a track not featured on their debut album ‘Looming’. This track has a cacophony of sounds to give it an industrial feel with the crash of drums against the howl of the guitar. Somewhere in the distance is the faint sound of the vocals almost crying out. It is an intense song with so many different noises all joining together to create this massive sound.

Eugene McGuinness- Sugarplum
Taken from his album ‘The Invitation to the Voyage ’ comes the new single ‘Sugarplum’. This is another song showing how Eugene has moved on from the days of quaint indie pop to a slicker sound. He has the greatness of his eloquently spoken crooning vocals that sit over the top of the steady drum beat and strings. It has the catchy chorus to keep you hooked listening to the song as he serenades ‘I want you as you are’.

Rhys Coleman- Waterfall
7bit would like to introduce you to Rhys Coleman who is a singer/ songwriter hailing from Bath who releases his debut single ‘Waterfall’. This is a melancholy song lamenting the break-up of a relationship and how to deal with it. The vocals have that ache of the pain felt as each lyric drops with a hint of sadness. The addition of the guitar and backing drum beat provide a gentle support to a song of such loss and disenchantment.

The Lake Poets- Rain
‘Rain’ is the second single for the Lake Poets and has been produced by Frankie & The Heartstrings Mick Ross. The northern connection doesn’t stop there as Barry Hyde from the Futureheads plays piano on it too. This song is of longing and a sense of loneliness because of this longing. It is a song fraught with emotion as the echo of the piano and the cries of the strings echo the heartbreak that comes from the vocalist’s pleas.
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Lizzie and the Yes Men- Deserts
‘Deserts’ is the follow up to their debut single ‘The Broadwalk’ and coincides with their show in Dalston, London on the 12th December. The song initially has a bit of a darkness to it with the bass lurking and the guitar twanging when the vocals comes in harmoniously. They give the song a pop vibe as they move in to the chorus where you have the beat become more animated as the tambourine and cymbal crash together in a more upbeat way.

The Cheek of Her- Beauty Queen
Taken from her EP ‘Megaphonic’ that is out now, comes the single ‘Beauty queen’. This is another song that has a quirky, jaunty feeling to it. Her vocals are both powerful but at the same time quake and shake in their delivery. The song has an offbeat backing with the sharpness of the guitar against the melody of the piano to support the kookiness of the delivery of the vocals. I can imagine her being a very animated performer as you can feel this in the way she accentuates the lyrics.
[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/64621032" params="" width=" 100%" height="166" iframe="true" /]

It Bites- Cartoon Graveyard
‘Cartoon Graveyard’ is taken from their latest album ‘Map of the Past’. This is a classic pop rock song led by the vocals that are making a strong authoritative plea. To back this up there is the guitar which gives the song a bit of a classic metal feel with a guitar solo near the end that howls to give it a bit of an 80’s vibe.


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