Weekly Metal Column: Negative Pegasus, Just Like Vinyl and More

Weekly Metal Column: Negative Pegasus, Just Like Vinyl and More

September 7, 2012

We’ve got an incredible mix of rock and alternative for you to treat your ears to this week. Be it rock, metal, hard-psych or pop-punk that you’re looking for, we’ve got it all packed into one small space for your listening pleasure. There’s something for everyone, and you may even find yourself expanding your musical horizons. Don’t say we don’t treat you well.

New! New! New! – Just Like Vinyl – “Black Mass”

“Black Mass” is the debut album from Just Like Vinyl, the brainchild of ex The Fall Of Troy vocalist/guitarist Thomas Erak. Taking their name from a homeless man who announced that “music was better when it was on vinyl”, the band have written and produced an album that incorporates a whole range of influences but is still distinctly their own. Released this week, “Black Mass” is raw and hard hitting, its dirty rock tones giving Just Like Vinyl the edge recognised in many of their influences from the days of vinyl. “Hours And Whiskey Sours” capture the band at their best, highlighting their talent for a good hook and killer tune. If there was ever a band made for the festival circuit, Just Like Vinyl are sure to be up there so keep an eye out for them in a field near you soon.

Free Metal Download: All That Remains – “Down Through The Ages”
All That Remains released the first track from their forthcoming album “A War You Cannot Win” this week, and if that isn’t enough to entice you, it’s free! “Down Through The Edges” is incredibly heavy, pummelling your ears with loudness, but there’s no denying that the different elements have been pulled together to produce metal excellence. This only hints at great things from their forthcoming album, which will surely bring more of the same and emerge as one of the metal highlights of the year. Fans of All That Remains are sure to be in for a treat when “A War You Cannot Win” emerges, so make sure the neck braces are at the ready. Heads will bang.

Single of the Week: Negative Pegasus – “Psychic Energy”
Music fans seeking a more alternative sound should check out “Psychic Energy”, the latest single from Brighton hard-psychs Negative Pegasus, released September 17th. Haunting vocals combine with the dark beats and psychedelic thrums of the guitars to produce a sound truly hypnotising. It’s dark and droning, but anyone will find it difficult to resist being pulled in by the twists and turns. “Psychic Energy” gives the feeling of  just that, taking the listener on a journey (albeit a rather unusual one). Negative Pegasus want to drive you insane so you never forget them, and they may have just found the song to do that. Listening to this is a pretty good way to lose your marbles though, so make sure you give “Psychic Energy” your full attention today.

Pop-Punk Playhouse: Lazy Bear Records
The name Lazy Bear Records may give the image of a rather relaxed sound, but the roster of this label is anything but that. With a roster that currently features up and coming band Above The Underground, Lazy Bear is a record label that seeks and delivers the best in new pop-punk to your lugholes for your enjoyment. Each year they release their ‘Guide To Pop-Punk’ sampler featuring the best in new artists for that year, which is guaranteed to introduce you to some gems that will flourish in the near future. If that isn’t enough to persuade you, they also have a pretty awesome clothing label. New music and threads, what more could you want?


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