Singles Round Up 4th March

Singles Round Up 4th March

March 4, 2013

It has been another bountyful week of single releases. Check them out and see what tickles your fancy.

Homeless Hill- They Don’t Know
Taken from the bands album ‘Invincible’ comes ‘They don’t know’, a country rock song filled with strong harmonies and a mellow guitar sound intertwined with some genuine rock out riff filled moments. Check out the rest of the album via their website.

We Three And The Death Rattle- Inpatients
Described as a darker Duke Spirit by Dazed and Confused, you can see why with this new single. The fuzzy guitar and the pounding drum beat provide the march of sound to support the female vocals. The thud of the guitar and the powerful vocals create this weird offbeat feeling that fits in with the lyrics.

Rayne- Fallen
Rayne are offering this track as a free download and it is taken from their album ‘Enlightenment’ which is out now. This song can be best described as stadium rock and is the kind of song you would expect to find at that epiphany moment on a rom-com movie. This song mixes major spiraling guitars and a whispering yet booming vocalist to give it that big sound.

Swim Deep- The Sea
Hailing from Birmingham, this four piece bring us songs more fitting to the bliss of the sun than the fog of the city. They have a vocalist whose voice is so light, that has that sweetness like that of Vampire Weekends vocalist. The music is filled with offbeat drum sounds and the mellow echoing twang of the guitars to create a fun up beat song.

Masters in France- Flexin
You may recognise this band from their previous release ‘Playin’ with my friends’ single which featured on the recent IKEA advert. They bring us their next single ‘Flexin’ which has a funky, edgy beat that will make you want to dance.
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The Ghosts- Everything Will Do
This is the latest single to be taken from the bands album ‘The End’. This song seems to look at the bleakness of the current climate and whether acceptance is the best way. It has the mixture of male vocals that sing in search of an answer alongside the indie rock beat of the drum and guitar. Check out the interesting video that accompanies the song.

Jim Lockey and the Solemn Sun- New Natives
This song feels like a call to arms, with the rallying drum beat to accompany the growling cry of the lead vocals. A powerful song that is great to listen to when accompanied by the video which features live footage from their supporting slot with Frank Turner. If you like this song you can hear it featured on their album ‘Death’.

Apollo Gets The Girl- Kitten
This is the bands self-released new single filled with twinkling electronic sounds juxtaposed against a harsher, fuzzy guitar sound. This track is a mesh of sounds with its echoing beats and gamer noises that pound against each other right up until its abrupt end.
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Killer Shoes- Pretty Reckless
The strong cockney, Brit accent sings the words to the backdrop of the ska punk drum and guitar sounds. With added group singing in the chorus, you have the liveliness of the band oozing from this track.

Yellowcard- Awakening
American, college punk rock that takes you back to the days when as a teen you would listen to bands like the Starting Line, Blink 182 and the like. This is equally as anthemic with the call of the vocalist singing of his journey towards his awakening.

The Claw- Seize Decay
Heavy bass hits you from the start of this track and pulls you to the vocalist. At this stage I think it’s worth pointing out the lead singer has the best name of Maximilian Filf and sings in such a creeping, low way that makes the song seem so sinister.

The Hotelles- Movie Reel
The Hotelles are a trio made up of Tom Easton 21 (Vocals / Guitar), Ben Easton 18 (Bass/ Vocals) and Sam Easton 14 (Drums). They come together to create an indie story told of longing love to the backing track of classic indie guitar and drum beats.

The Late Twos – The Late Twos
A song that I can imagine being a hit with the teens, with its ska esque guitars mixed with fast paced drum beats. It is song which as far as I can tell is about guys bragging of their partying excess.

The Narrows- Cold Copy
They start with a foreboding electronic beat but the mood immediately changes once the vocals come in. They mix an array of electronic sounds to create an emotional track.

Yulianna- Californ-i-a Featuring The Game
Her vocals sound very much like Jennifer Lopez, which makes it quite hard to listen to. It pretty much clichéd pop essentially boasting of being in the California sun. I assume the inclusion of this rapper is supposed to give some credibility to the song but it did not make it any better.
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