Pascal Pinon

Pascal Pinon

January 7, 2013

Pascal Pinon are sisters ( ófrídur and Ásthildur ) from Reykjavík, Iceland who decided that the world needed to hear their somewhat haunting but beautiful vocals. At 14 they got their first keyboard, not the simplest instrument unless you were satisfied with playing chopsticks but the sisters managed to squeeze out of it all the could. It’s amazing what you can do with a Yamaha keyboard; The Klaxons showed that with a Casio keyboard but Pascal Pinon are something else. They recorded their self titled debut back in 2010 with two friends however this new adventure indicates that the sisters are central to the operation now, especially now that they have more than one microphone.

Iceland Scenery

Scandanavia is an area of the world where the mountains seem to roll for an eternity in swirling tranquility with the dream of them never ending always coming to mind whenever you are driving/walking over the hilly terrain. Best known for Sigur Rós & Lordi ( that be Finland ), Scandanavia has started to show it’s true clolours on the global music scene with annual event ‘Iceland Airwaves’ pulling in the best of the worlds press to be introduced to what is new and great from this troll moulded land. Pascal Pinon have embraced the landscape that they grew up in and have managed to create a soundtrack that is quintessentially equivalent to the volcanic rock that they . Expect Jonsí-esque soundscapes to accompany the sisters chillout vibes; It won’t surprise you then that the producer of the album , Alex Somers, has tight links with the Sigur Rós guitarist. There’s not a lot to do in the Winter.

Pascal Pinon’s best song?

Killer song on new album ‘Twosomeness’ for me is ‘Somewhere’, a song that starts with a delicate cassette insertion; Perhaps a nod back to the era when they started recording but either way it’s a delicate love song of times lost and the attempt to rekindle once that was. Supplemented by the sisters gorgeous vocals, ‘Somewhere’ will make you dream of simpler times. Just blissful.

If you want a distraction from the everyday ups and downs of the new year, or the BBC Sound of 2013 is too mainstream for you, then give Pascal Pinton a try. Their back catalogue is on Spotify so if you have access to the service give them a search or listen to the Soundcloud tracks below.


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