Single Review – Friends Electric – Puzzles

Single Review – Friends Electric – Puzzles

November 17, 2011

This four piece from Wales have released Puzzles which I can only describe as unashamedly electronic pop. They self confess they want to make people dance and I would say this song would definitely get me raising my hands in emphatic euphoria.

The start of the song begins with a pumping beat and lots of ‘ooooing’ to automatically get the dance vibe going. It glides along with the vocals and dreamy keyboard to get to the key changes where it jumps into the chorus with the pulsing beat building up in the background. The chorus is chanted out and so catchy I think it will stick in my head for a while. Near the end of the song the beats slow to get to the point where you would get down on the floor and rise as the beat rises with you. It then blasts back in to the chorus to tail off.

Withs fans like Ellie Goulding its not hard to see from this single that these guys want to be making the indie kids get down to some honest pop! Also for fans of Polarsets and Pixie Lott.


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