Night Engine, who have just wrapped up a tour with The Kaiser Chiefs (and are one of 7Bit’s favourite acts around right now), have graciously shared with us their artist picks. Below is a list of their choice tracks from some of their own favourite acts.

Tom Waits – ‘Big in Japan’

Phil and Ed first bonded over a love of Tom Waits and all things Japanese. Also a cheeky nod to a mutual ambition.

Bonzo Dog Band – ‘My Pink Half of the Drainpipe’

They have a classic British sense of humour and style that we all enjoy. This song is a personal favourite.

Paul Williams – ‘You Give a Little Love’ (‘Bugsy Malone’ Original Soundtrack)

Bizarrely, Ed and Lee actually met when a mutual friend forced them into forming a band for his wedding. This was the show stopping finale tune! Ed knew Phil was looking for a drummer to run some songs with, Ed knew he’d found his man.

David Bowie – ‘Sound and Vision’

When Ed first introduced Phil and Lee over a few pints, it was very clear that Low was the single most important album to both of them, and as Ed says now, he couldn’t get a word in edgeways for three hours. This track is what at least half the band consider the single greatest record of all time.

Iggy Pop – ‘Tonight’

The Idiot and Lust and Life albums are a big influence for on the band. There’s so much to enjoy in this track – the swelling intro, restless bass line and the vocal delivery is pure class.

Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft – ‘KebabTraume’ (Fur Immer Version)

We love the energy and attitude of this song. Pounding rhythms, simple melodies and everything working together us a unit. Pretty much sums up our aims as band.

Barry De Vorzon – ‘The Warriors Theme’

A great track (and a great film). The hypnotic groove and pulsating synth sound really draw you in. We play this in the tour bus (and sometimes before gigs). Always hits the spot!

Night Engine will be playing a few festivals in May, including Sound City and Great Escape. Worth bookmarking this. Their new AA-side ‘Seventeen / Treat Me Like A Baby‘ is out now.

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