Unifier, formerly known as ‘Future Ghosts’ are to release their debut album ‘Colorado’, the band have stated that this album ‘pushes boundaries’ and ‘progresses a genre forward’. Produced by Jesse Cannon (who has worked alongside The Cure and Saves The Day, just to name a few) the North Carolina based quartet is anticipating releasing this LP early February. With a reputable producer behind Unifier’s sound and a spiel by Unifier on their social networking sites, your expectations are already high.

Quite rightly the band have stated one of the biggest challenges in music is to make pop records that ultimately push boundaries to keep a wide audience happy. But on saying this, theoretically a pop song that pushes boundaries would no longer be called pop, would it? The genre ‘alternative’ then comes into play and this is what Unifier are.

Colorado starts with the track ‘Crush’ that shows the influence of popular artists, with a guitar tone that sounds like it came straight from Razorlights self-titled album, over the top of a driving simplistic drum rhythm that sounds Foo Fighters influenced. The melody in the verses is in fact catchier than the choruses as some of the phrases only waver between a couple of notes. The melody gets stuck in your head and that’s without even knowing the lyrics.

When their second track ‘Traps’ enters you immediately think you’re being given a heavier side to the band, and although there’s weightier moments the vocals bring the song back down to pop. It feels like the band is pushing to give more of the Foo Fighter sound but there’s a clash of genre influences and instead of feeding off one another, they’re fighting to get heard.

As the album progresses it’s as if the band gel and bounce off one another more and more. There’s a lengthy list of tracks from this album that ultimately have great vocal elements, including lead vocal layers as well as gang vocals that perk up your ears in such songs as ‘Parasite Lost’, ‘Single Room’ and ‘Lifted’. Although ‘Lifted’ is a highlight on this album, a great acoustic version has also been released online and I found that I favoured the stripped down version a lot more. With every layer exposed there’s no room for error and the band know this, they have created a great track that many individuals have probably already continued to press the repeat button for!

This is a well-named album as one of their best tracks on this release is entitled ‘Colorado’. This track holds great dynamics and the lead vocals truly stand out, holding that commercial quality. You can hear the emotion behind this track; this will inevitably help people relate to the song too. Along with the emotion there’s also a catchy chorus ‘I’ll still sing for you, I’ll heal things for you’ supported by layers of instrumentation that intertwine, along with a lead guitar part that plays over the top acting like a second vocal part. A great call and response in the end chorus can also be heard; giving the song that extra bit of energy.

Mission Control’ is another track that feels as if it’s going to go into a heavily influenced rock tune, but you’re misguided again. The style between the vocals and the instrumentation surprisingly doesn’t clash in this song though, it’s unpredictable, but it’s not unpleasant. The distorted guitars and bass hold their own and create their own hook lines while the vocal melody also does It’s own thing, meaning there’s plenty of elements that would draw plenty of individuals in.
I wouldn’t say that Unifier as a whole appeal to a vast market like they imply they do, nor would I say that they push boundaries, but they do have a mixture of genres. Sometimes this doesn’t work but for the most part, it does. Ultimately, they’re not afraid to experiment and this conclusively means that Unifier are able to create catchy elements behind a strong sound and that could see them soar.

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