Born out of a passion for music and a love of enjoyment, 7Bit is a music blog that focuses on the music that we enjoy in a medium that we enjoy creating

A group of friends conspired together back in 2011 to create a music portal to share our thoughts, our feelings and our prolific acting talent with the world whilst always attempting to keep the attitude professional, yet impersonal.

Our team is always growing and over the past year, we have increasingly been pushing the video aspect of the site with our video presence being noticeable at many of 2013′s major festivals. If you do see you, come say hi; we are a very friendly bunch and would love nothing more than to go share a drink with you and chat.

Axes at Southsea Festival

So, what do you need to do to get in touch with 7Bit?

Contact Us

Below are the email addresses of those who are key to the site in both fields of music and getting stuff done. We all work together on the same level so all find out what’s going on, but if you want something specific then email the person below who ticks your boxes.